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Transform Columbus Day Alliance Members


All African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) - Denver  : René Rabouin

American Friends Service Committee Denver, CO

American Indian Movement Chapters
Aajig-aaning (lower Michigan) ~ Cleveland ~ Colorado ~ Colville (WA) ~ Erie (PA) ~ N.E. Confederated (New England) ~ New Mexico ~ S.E. Texas ~ South Carolina ~ Southern Ute (CO) ~ Wounded Knee

Asian Alliance :

Barrio Warriors : Cisco Gallardo

Bread & Roses : Lowell May

Building Bridges :

Chiapas Coalition of Denver/Boulder : Kathryn Sharpe
1006 E. 25th Ave.
Denver, CO 80205 
(303) 864-1972

Colorado Anti-Violence Program : Carter Klenk
(303) 839-5204

Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace
901 W. 14th Ave, Suite 7, Denver, CO  80204

Colorado Medical Committee for Human Rights :

Colorado Progressive Coalition :

Colorado Two Spirit Society : David Young & Laura Naranjo
P.O. Box 7523
Boulder, CO 80306-7523
(303) 444-9009

Colours of Resistance :Montréal, Québec Canada

Dandelion Center : Pavlos Stavropoulos

Denver Alliance for Democracy :Bonnie Johnston
(303) 331-8501

Denver Direct Action Network (DAN) : Barbara Cohen

Denver Tenants Union : Taryn Browne
(303) 477-8926

End the Politic$ of Cruelty : Steve Nash
(303) 742-9928

Escuela Tlatelolco Centro de Estudios : Nita Gonzales
(303) 964-8993
Denver, CO

Federation of German Speaking Anarchists, Hamburg branch : Tahya El Hurriya
Hamburg, Germany

Four Winds American Indian Project Denver, CO

H.O.P.E. Street Productions, LLC : Lawrence R Toledo, General Manager/ Producer Pablo I Toledo, Director/ Writer
7090 North Oracle Road Suite #178-112PMB 
Tucson, AZ 85704-4333 
(520) 319-2613

Ho Wanji---One Voice : Kii yaa tuk (Keith Hunter) 
P. O. Box 482 
Neah Bay, Washington 98357
(360) 645-3161

Human Bean : Kerry Appel
Denver, CO

Indian Fellowships of Missouri  : Robert Francis
RR 3  Box 194A 
Butler, MO  64730 
(660) 679-4014

Industrial Workers of the World : Lowell May
Denver, CO

Jobs With Justice : Felicia Hilton
Denver, CO

Justice for Mena : Leroy Lemos

Latin American Research and Service Agency (LARASA) : Chy Montoya 
Executive Assistant 
309 W. 1st Avenue 
Denver, Colorado 80223
(303) 722-5150 x100 

Latinoamericanos Unidos  Carbondale, CO

Left Hand Book Collective : Eugene Rodriguez
1200 Pearl Street #10
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 443-8252

Making Waves: Asians in Action : Marge Taniwaki

M.E.X.A. de CU-Boulder Boulder, CO

Mountain Folks for Global Justice Carbondale/Aspen, CO

National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (NCACS) : Olivia C. Loria

N.A.T.I.V.E.S. : Renee Still Day 
Executive Director  
Pueblo, Colorado 
(719) 320-9485

Native Environmental Justice Advocacy Fund (NEJAF) : Sage Remington

Northern Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce : Jorge Amaya
(970) 356-6461
Greeley, CO

N.A.W.E.C. (Native American Women’s Empowerment Circle) Denver, CO

NEWSED : Leroy Lemos

New Jewish Agenda : Mark Cohen
(303) 733-7037

Poder Project

People's Inter-Communal Resistance Movement (PICRM) : Khalil Tian Shahyd 
(504) 827 5620

People United for Family (PUFF)

Red Earth Women's Alliance  Denver, CO

Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Block (RAIB)

Rights for All People (RAP) : Luis Espinosa-Organista

RISE : Eduardo Gabrieloff

Save Our Section 8 : Shark Barros
(303) 294-0554 Denver, CO

Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple Denver, CO

Southern Ute Grassroots Organization (SUGO) : Sage Remington

Stepstone Center Carbondale, CO

The Truth Project : Bill Garcia, Director
Chicago, IL

Unitarian-Universalist Network on Indigenous Affairs : Helen Henry
(303) 623-3464 Denver, CO

United Confederation of Taino People

United Native America :Mike L. Graham
Muldrow, OK

Wanbli Sina Oyate Wiwanyang Wacipi - Eagle Robe People's Sundance :Robert Cross

White Buffalo Council of American Indians Denver, CO


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