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Submitted to the Rocky Mountain News
28 September, 2004

Re: Mr. Trouble

     The Rocky Mountain News editorial board should just be honest and say that they only support the 1st Amendment rights of people that they agree with.  The last time I checked, the 1st Amendment also covered the right of the people to peaceably assemble.  The rights of free speech and assembly sometimes conflict, that is what democracy looks like.  It is not always pretty, but it is the system that we live under. 
     The only group of people that has been guilty of intimidation is the editorial boards with their over-dramatization of the Columbus Day events.  There never has been any intimidation or violence from Colorado AIM or the Transform Columbus Day Alliance.  By framing the discussion around the 1992 parade as being stopped from "fears of violence" or "intimidation" and repeating this lie over and over again, the Rocky Mountain News effectively created an environment of fear from violence in Denver, just as they did in the 1860's to incite violence against the Indians at Sand Creek Massacre.  Rather than point their guilty finger at other groups, the Rocky should accept responsibility for their hand in inciting fear in the people of Denver.     
                                                             Mark Freeland, Aurora



2004 Transform Columbus Day Alliance