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The Drums of October : Legacy of a Pernicious Hero {video}

Indigenous people express themselves on the issues of history, education, Christopher Columbus and the controversial national holiday named for him. The 2000 Columbus Day parade protest in Denver is woven throughout this compelling video.  "Drums" (22 minutes) is the latest work of videographer Lori Windle (Ojibwe), and features music by Cary Morin (Crow) and the Atoll.

To purchase this video please send a check for U.S. $15.00 (includes s/h in the US) to:

SPAN / Red Earth Women's Alliance
c/o Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence
835 North Street
Boulder, CO  80304

Please include your mailing address, phone number and email address if possible so we may contact you in case of a problem. Also indicate on the check that you are ordering the video.

Also available :: Transforming Columbus Day: A Study Guide for Faith Communities (A Companion to the Drums of October Video)

This study guide contains discussion questions and additional reading tailored for faith communities to use as they view the Drums of October video. Other communities wishing to use the study packet are welcome to tailor this file to meet their needs.



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