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WHEREAS, many of our state citizens are of  Native American Indian heritage, and their Traditional Ways have greatly contributed to the Constitution and Foundation of our Nation, as well as, the quality of our American way of life; and HEREAS, the citizens of Alabama are indeed fortunate to be the recipients of our Native American Indians Cultural, Educational and Historical values; and

WHEREAS, the Alabama Indian Affairs entities and individuals are deserving of being hereinafter recognized for their ongoing Educational Programs to our youth and their annual Cultural & Historical events throughout the State; and

WHEREAS, the State of Alabama wishes to Honor our Native American Indians for the contributions of their culture to our citizens;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Don Siegelman, Governor of the  State of Alabama, do hereby proclaim the state holiday formerly known as Columbus Day will henceforth be known as American Indian Heritage Day Columbus Day In the great State of Alabama.


2004 Transform Columbus Day Alliance 12/18/2004