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Four Directions - All Nations March  ~~ Todos Las Naciones en Cuatro Direcciones

Completing the Circle -- A Call to Action October 8, 2004

Four Directions flyer  [.pdf | download Adobe Acrobat Reader]


An invitation from the Transform Columbus Day Alliance/Red Earth Women's Alliance  to all people of conscience to join the heartbeat of the drums.

Walk with us for justice, peace, truth and respect for all nations. This candlelight vigil will mark the 4th year of the march to transform the Columbian legacy of colonialism and genocide into a mutually respectful interaction between all peoples.

To All Our Relations

The Red Earth Women's Alliance/Transform Columbus Day Alliance invite you to walk with us and our many co-sponsors in the Four Directions -  All Nations March on Friday evening, October 8, 2004. We will gather from the Four Directions in four different parts of Denver, and we will march to Cuernavaca Park, where we will converge for a rally and community circle on the banks of the South Platte River where the Cheyenne and Arapahoe once gathered.

Our Fourth Year: Completing the Circle

This year we complete the Four Directions cycle we committed to four years ago. At that time we pledged to march for four years to transform the 512 year old Columbian legacy of war, racism, colonialism, and destruction. For three years, thousands of people from all of Denver's communities have marched with us in celebration of our diverse cultures. People have learned how the Columbus celebration is hurtful and harmful not only to Indigenous Peoples, but to all the nations. We have shared the teaching of the circle that we are all connected. And when we honor the circle, we honor the earth, our mother, and we honor all the Nations on this earth, the four-legged and winged creatures, as well as the two-legged. With this community circle, we bridge the spiritual and the political divisions. We offer prayer, support, and affirmation to every person within the circle. No one in the circle is a stranger and a prayer made by one is inclusive of all standing in the circle. Our circle embraces diversity. Our circle is a healing place. Yet the circle always keeps moving.

Families, Friends, Elders, Children, All are Welcome to March and Share the Circle.

Bring your drums, jingle bells, candles with holders, flashlights, light-sticks, warm clothes, warm drinks (coffee and cocoa), strollers and wagons for children. Wear one of the four colors: black, red, yellow, white.

The Four Directions: The Four Directions (West, North, East, and South) and the number four have deep significance for most indigenous peoples around the world. The Four Directions are part of the Medicine Wheel. Many traditions use the Four Directions and the Medicine Wheel to share wisdom about the diversity of life. The use of the four colors (Black, Red, Yellow, and White) honors the colors of all the races on this earth. The four year commitment, also, honors the wisdom of the Four Directions.

Meeting at starting directions at 5:00 p.m.

Step off at 5:30 p.m. sharp \ Four Directions flyer .pdf



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wear red | Globeville Landing Park West 38th and Atkins Court



Four Directions March



wear black


Viking Park

Speer & Federa1

come together at Cuernavaca Park [map]

I-25 & 20th Street
rally with host drum

Transportation Back to the Four Directions Starting Points
At the close of activities at the convergence, RTD buses will be available to take people back to the four directions' starting points -- one bus per direction.  During the activities at the convergence, however, there will also be cars and vans from local churches in the parking lot to take tired marchers back to their starting points.  Please look for this transportation in the parking lot or check at CCJP's Peace Bus -- painted with the green dragon -- for more information.




wear yellow


Blair-Caldwell Library

24th & Welton





wear white | Fishback Landing Park  Behind Ocean Journey



Sponsors :: Red Earth Women’s Alliance, All Nations Alliance, American Friends Service Committee, American Indian Movement of Colorado, Asian / Hawiiaan Alliance, Auraria Feminist Alliance, Barrio Warriors, Bread and Roses Workers Center, Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center, Building Bridges, Cesar Chavez Comité for Peace and Justice, Chicano Studies, Metro, Chiapas Coalition, Chinook Fund, Colorado Anti-Violence Program, Colorado Communities for Justice and Peace, Colorado GLBTG Center, The Conflict Center, Creative Resistance, Dandelion Center, Denver Indian Center,  Denver Two Spirit Society, Escuela Tlatelolco, FOUR WINDS American Indian Project, The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado, GLBT Student Services @ Auraria, The Human Bean Company, Journey through our Heritage, Justice for Janitors, UCD Latino Club, Latino/a Research & Policy Center (UC-Denver and HSC), Lucia’s Coffee House, MeChA/ UMAS UCD, Newsed, Native Environmental Justice Advocacy Fund, Padres Unidos, Native American Student Alliance@ UCD, Native American Circle of Elders, Peak Parent Center, The Raging Grannies of Denver, Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence, Sisters of Color United for Education, Southern Ute Grassroots Organization,  Su Teatro, Transform Columbus Day Alliance, Wambli Sina Sundance Circle, Women’s Empowerment Circle, Women’s Federation for World Peace, Women’s Studies @ Metro, WRHS SS Teachers.


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